Sometimes smaller kitchens projects come along with a tight budget but a real need for updating-in these cases when the layout is functioning fine the best way to refresh the space is to retain the existing carcase (of course assuming they’re still in good condition and not splitting and expanding like Weetabix!). What I’ve done in the two projects below is discard the existing doors on the wall and base units, plinth, worktops, sink and taps and have new longer doors made and sprayed to a specific Ral or NSc colour. When these new doors are fitted with a contemporary integrated steel handle, brand new sink, tap and fresh worktop the difference can be superb. Adding light to the underside of the wall units where there was none before creates task lighting for food preparation and a warm ambient light in the evenings. New tiles and glass backsplash can add the final finish. So when considering a new look kitchen do remember sometimes you can refurbish instead of replacing-as they say reduce, reuse, recycle!