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Interior Design Christmas reading-Nicky Haslam

I read an engaging review in the Sunday Times last week and had to get a copy of ‘A Designers Life: An Archive of Inspired Design and Décor’’ by Nicky Haslam. Haslam founded his London-based architectural and design firm, ‘NH Design’ in the late 1980’s and counts Mick Jagger, Ringo Starr, Paris Hilton and Brian Ferry among his high profile Clients.

Describing his company as motivated by creating interiors that are ‘’flattering to their owners’’ –according to him they are a mix of the deeply serious, grand and impressive with charm and above all wit.

I love his opulent watercolour renderings which are based on select interior design projects some of which are now housed by the Victoria and Albert Museum. As he says about the sketches for Brian Ferry’s house ’’The drawings I did for their house, though looking awfully wonky now, started my practise of making them for every project’’. A great book well worth a read for anyone interested in interiors!