Feeling very Christmassy/Arts & Crafty/Martha/Gwyneth, Blake-ish & saw really natural wreaths at lunch recently in the Woollen Mills restaurant so was inspired to get creative.

First stop Rubanesque in the Powerscourt Centre, where I got metres of hessian and red and purple ribbon, next stop Dunne’s to get cinnamon stick, cloves, parchment paper, oranges & apples. With all the fruit sliced up it went into the oven for ten hours of drying out. Once the fruit was sufficiently dry it was time to get busy piercing the oranges slices with cloves then to the centre of this a slice of apple and a stick of cinnamon-all wrapped in a small bow. Four hours later the glamour was wearing off but I persevered and got all the bows were made and got a great garland & wreath for my trouble! The wreath is securely tied to the door so hopefully it will last the elements & the neighbours. The garland is over the fireplace and only faces the threat of melting!

My progress in pictures…….and soon to be attempted-my next project……..egg nog!